Eye See A Halloween Hazard - Bella Eye Care Optometry

Every November we read and hear horror stories from Halloween. We see them here in our office as well. Not about haunted houses or crummy costume parties. The horror stories we see and hear are the ones about cheap contact lenses bought to make a Halloween costume that much better but ends up hurting or damaging an eye.

We love fun as much if not more than you do. Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. However, we feel we need to point out that it is in fact, illegal to sell contact lenses in the United States without a prescription. There is no such thing as a one size fits all contact lens. Contact lenses are medical devices that require both a prescription as well as proper fitting by a trained eye care professional.

Wearing a pair of contact lenses that are not fitted correctly and worn correctly can lead to scratches of the cornea and even eye infections that may cause blindness. Is your costume worth risking your eyesight over?

If you really want a special pair of contact lenses for Halloween, schedule an eye exam with us today and let us fit them properly to you and help you have the most fun ever this year!