When Were Eyeglasses Invented? - Bella Eye Care Optometry

Eyeglasses first appeared in Florence, Italy in the early Renaissance. The first painting showing a man with glasses is by Hugh from Provence and is by Tommaso da Modena, painted in 1352. In 1480, Domenico Ghirlandajo painted the holy Jeremiah with glasses. After that, Jeremiah became the patron saint of eyeglasses. Initially, glasses only existed in remote view. The oldest source of glasses for myopia is a painting by Pope Leo X, painted by Rafael in 1517. In 1784, Benjamin Franklin then invented two glasses, half of which is to look far beyond the other half to look closer.

Glasses were originally made of clear crystals, but increased demand led to the use of glass In the 20th century, plastic has been put into use by glassware instead of glass. It has the advantage of being lighter than glass, but on the other hand, it scratches much easier which cannot be buffed out the way simple glass scratches used to be.

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