World Sight Day 2018 - Bella Eye Care Optometry


World Sight Day is October 11th.

Every year on the second Thursday of October, we pay particular attention to the 36 million people who are blind and the 253 million people who are visually impaired around the world. We also know that some 1.1 billion, yes billion, people around the world live with near vision impairment because they do not own a pair of eyeglasses with corrective lenses. 89% of visually impaired people live in low and middle-income countries. Bella Eyecare Optometry is one of many hundreds of eye care centers working to meet the need of those who cannot see or see well.

During the entire month of October, Bella Eyecare Optometry will give you a $30 credit towards a new pair of Rx eyeglasses (frame and lenses) when you donate a used pair of eyeglasses towards helping to alleviate visual impairment.  We will donate your old eyeglasses and sunglasses to the Lion’s Club, whose work around the world help so many see. You may donate up to 3 pairs of eyeglasses for a total of $90 credit to be used within the next year on Rx eyeglasses at Bella Eyecare Optometry.

Thank you!