You have presbyopia? So? - Bella Eye Care Optometry


So do most people as they age. Do you find yourself squinting to read your computer screen, or struggling to read your smartphone, menus, magazines or labels without holding everything as far as you can away from your face? If you do, and you’re over 40, chances are you have presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the normal change that occurs as your eye ages because the lens stiffens and loses flexibility, making it harder to focus up close. It usually occurs at or around the age of 40. Everyone gets it to some degree, even those who’ve never had vision problems before.

When you develop presbyopia, your eyes are less able to focus on things up close, making it harder to read fine print — especially in lowlight situations. Even if you can see fairly well up-close, presbyopia can cause eye strain, headaches, and visual fatigue if not corrected.

The term comes from the Greek words “presbys” and “opys,” which mean “elder or old man” and “sight”. It was mentioned as far back as the 4th century BC in Aristotle’s writings. Today more than 115 million American adults have presbyopia, and that number is estimated to grow to over 120 million by 2020 as we all age.

There is no way to stop or reverse this normal aging process of the eye, but the good news is it is easily diagnosed through a routine eye exam and easily corrected with a pair of reading glasses. Today we have reading glasses that are every bit as fashionable as any pair of eyeglasses you’ve seen anywhere, so why not enjoy reading again and look great doing so, with a pair or two of reading glasses from Bella Eye Care Optometry. Schedule an appointment today and let us find you that perfect prescription to get you seeing the fine print again.