Do Contacts Right (and Left) - Bella Eye Care Optometry

Over 41 million Americans wear contact lenses. Most contact lens wearers take shortcuts that can lead to serious eye infections. When you received your first pair of contacts your eye doctor gave you instructions how to care for your eyes and your contact lenses. For most of us, those instructions were a bit too much, too fast, and over time many of us ignored those directions, leading to problems for some of us. Every month we see people whose behavior puts them at risk for serious eye infections. Contact lens complications lead to a million clinic and emergency room visits every year.

Let’s list a few bad habits to help you save yourself any pain and discomfort.

Lens Solution – Many of us tend to top off the solution in the case instead of throwing away the residual solution and rinsing the case and refilling it with fresh sterile solution.

Sleeping in Lenses – While there are lenses designed for sleeping, most are not. If yours are not, take them out before going to bed.

Going Too Long In The Same Lenses – Just as your auto owner’s manual states how long you can go between oil changes, so too do your contact lenses. If you have daily lenses, they are good for a day, not a week. If you have two-week lenses that doesn’t mean that you can wear them all month long, just a fortnight.

While contact lenses have made seeing so much easier for so many, following the guidelines for good safety can help ensure great sight for years to come. If you have any questions about your contact lenses please feel free to stop in and let us help. That’s what we are here for.