Winter Sunglasses - Bella Eye Care Optometry

We tend to think of sunglasses as sort of a summer thing. Summer picnics. The pool. The beach. The tennis court. The golf course. The mountain hike. The mountain bike. However, the need for sunglasses is as strong if not stronger in the winter than the summer.

Let’s start with winter glare. Because of the tilt of the earth during winter, the sun is lower in the sky than in the summer and the glare from sidewalks, car windshields, and so on is much greater than in the winter when the sun is high overhead.

We may not have the snow glare much of the country fights all winter long, but that doesn’t mean car windshields are any cleaner here than anywhere else. How many people do you see driving with dirty windshields and their hands in front of their eyes trying to block the glare in their cars?

That’s why we always carry a complete line of sunglasses year-round to help protect your eyes and the eyes of your family too. Stop in today and see what cool shades we have for you!