Dr. Patricia Hom


Dr. Patricia Hom received her undergraduate degree from UCLA with a B.A. in Economics and her Optometry degree from the University of California at Berkeley. During Optometry school Dr. Hom was awarded the U.C. Berkeley School of Optometry Feinbloom Award for Excellence in Low Vision and Primary Care. She then went on to do a residency at the Palo Alto Veteran’s Hospital with a specialization in Primary Care and Low Vision. She was selected as the ‘Young OD of the Year’ by the Santa Clara Optometric Society in 2005. Dr. Hom was also on the Health Advisory Committee for the Head Start Program in Berkeley. Additionally, Dr. Hom is a founder and current President of the Living Oaks Chapter of Young Men’s Service League, a local mother and son group volunteering in the community through the high school years.

A personal note from Dr. Hom:

I have been practicing Optometry for over 19 years now and I still love learning new things and being able to help my patient’s lives in new ways to always see their best. My husband often comments that I am one of the few people he knows who actually loves what they do. I continuously attend optometry meetings to enhance my knowledge of the most recent developments in optometric care. I feel that it is important to integrate the knowledge from these meetings into my patients’ eye examinations to make them as comprehensive as possible.

I enjoy my time with my patients and can often be heard laughing during appointments. I try to make patients feel comfortable during the exam ask them about other aspects of their lives to create their prescriptions with a more holistic approach. I also love to volunteer my time and have traveled to Nicaragua to serve as a Medical Missionary with Medical Wings International.