Why You Should Get Anti-Reflective Lenses - Bella Eye Care Optometry

We are big fans of anti-reflective coating on lenses. Anti-Reflective Coating, also known as AR Coating and anti-glare coating, is used to improve your vision through the lenses and to also improve the appearance of your glasses. AR lenses improve the vision through your lens due to its ability to eliminate reflections of light from the front and back of your lenses. By eliminating the reflections, AR coating allows 99.5% of light to enter through the lens to the eye causing the lenses to look clearer, more attractive, and allowing the light to enter your eyes.

The surface of the AR coated lens is treated with a “hydrophobic” treatment which repels water, eliminating the appearance of water spots. The AR lenses can also be treated with “oleo-phobic” treatment, which repels both water and oil. These lens treatments possess properties that make the lens seem as if it was non-stick cookware, though we don’t suggest using them to cook, other than to read your favorite recipies.

Having AR coating on your lenses does not only enhance your look, but they are also beneficial for:

  • Reducing glare and reflections.
  • Reducing glare at night when driving.
  • AR coating helps prevent “digital eye strain for individuals who work in front of computers all day.
  • Enhancing the appearance of your glasses.
  • Making the lens appear invisible.

AR lens coatings are available on just about every lens we sell at Bella Eye Care Optometry as an add-on. After explaining the benefits of AR lenses to our customers, most of them choose to get them on every pair of glasses they purchase. So too should you. Stop in and let us show you the difference AR makes.