May Is UV Awareness Month - Bella Eye Care Optometry


Ultraviolet rays pose a danger to more than just your skin.  In fact, cumulative UV damage has been linked to the development of macular degeneration, cataracts, and cancer. It can also cause immediate injury, such as a corneal sunburn (photokeratitis) that occurs from extended exposure to rays reflected off water, snow or concrete.

Prevent Blindness, the nation’s oldest eye health and safety organization, has declared May as Ultraviolet (UV) Awareness Month to help educate the public on the dangers of UV exposure as well as provide information on the best ways to protect vision. An eye care professional can offer recommendations on the best types of sunglasses for everyone in the family, including those that may need prescription lenses.

Everyone should wear a brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect the eyes when outdoors. Always choose sunglasses that:

  • reduce glare
  • filter out 100% of UV rays
  • protect your eyes
  • are comfortable to wear
  • do not distort colors.

Bella Eye Care Optometry has a complete selection of sunglasses for everyone, whether you need prescription lenses or not. With all the water reflection in the Bay Area, it makes sense to have more than one pair of sunglasses to protect your valuable eyesight. Stop in and try on a new pair today.